Moving for Better Balance

Moving for Better Balance


Older adults and those with chronic health conditions often feel they must accept impaired balance and limited mobility—this is not true. You can build strength, improve balance, and gain confidence in your mobility through Moving for Better Balance.

This evidence-based, instructor-led group program is designed to help you improve your strength, balance, flexibility, and mobility through slow, therapeutic movements based on Tai Chi.

  • Moving for Better Balance is conducted in a small group setting of 10-12 adults, providing a safe and comfortable environment.
  • Sessions take place twice a week for 60 minutes, and continue for 12 weeks, supplemented by a 30-minute weekly at-home practice by each program participant.

The Moving for Better Balance program aims to:

• A positive social experience
• Improved balance and stability
• Improved memory and cognition
• Improved muscle strength
• Improved self-confidence
• Reduced stress
• Improved flexibility
• Improved mental and emotional well-being

Moving For Better Balance is a 12-week evidence-based, instructor-led group program de- signed to help you improve your strength, balance, flexibility, and mobility through the slow and therapeutic movements of Tai Chi, a graceful form of exercise and deep breathing. The class meets twice a week for one hour and includes 30 minutes weekly of home practice.



Qualifications to Participate

Moving for Better Balance is designed primarily for:

• Community-living older adults who are age 65 or older, physically mobile with impaired stability and/or mobility

• Adults age 45 or older who have a chronic condition that may affect stability and/or mobility


How to Get Started

Once your ready to get started, you can register online and join the next session group!

Program Fees
YMCA Member: $93
Program Participant: $134

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